Meandering Madrid

I really thought that I would get to the fabulous museums that are here…  In fact, I kinda got up on my high horse with my hubby as to how much I looked forward to flying solo, increasing the possibilities that I would actually be able to accomplish this!  Today was my last full day in Madrid, and alas, no museums.   Jet lag set in and it was another beautiful, sunny day, leaving me pretty lackluster about standing in spring break lines and spending time indoors.   Plus frankly, I didn’t really want to invest the money!  I will say that in my meanderings, I DID see the EXTERIOR of some and I also strolled by many popular tourist spots (and believe you me, there were a few folks lookin’ to get inside!)  Quite honestly, I’m not disappointed with my choice at all!   I even found Chinatown!


I chose to follow two walking routes that conveniently started from my Puerta del Sol hotel.  “A Walk North from Sol” took me by some of the sites I had seen yesterday, which further served to solidify my bearings.  Of course – now that I’m leaving I finally know my way around!  And, I figured out that the street names are displayed on the corner buildings as opposed to signs that one can actually see!?!   So I went through the Plaza de Espana again with statues of Don Quixote, Sancho Panza and Cervantes.  Everywhere:  statues, statues, statues!  And I don’t need to tell you that the pigeons love them very much!  And looking at the tops of buildings, statues, statues, statues! I passed the Plaza de Guardias De Corps which  used to be in service as army barracks, now a cultural center, the Museo Arqueologico, Bibiloteca National and the Museo  Municipal.   The conclusion of this route was like a little SoHo with lots of funky shops, great little bars, record stores and cool art!




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  1. Looks so charming! And that blue sky!! (Sigh)..

    1. Totally charming!! & you found a piggy!! Keep her! I bet she could keep up on all that walking!

      1. Yes, the piggy was a surprise find!!

    2. It was charming for awhile, but excruciatingly painful for a bit, too. I think I made it through that phase and today and going forward I plan to enjoy those ever present blue skies, which are indeed lovely!!!

  2. When the bee stings, when the dog bites, when you’re feeling sad . . . OR

    When your feet hurt, when your legs cramp, when you’re feeling blue . . . Just remember your favorite things, and then you won’t cry, “boo-hoo.” Hee hee 😜

    Glad to hear you made it through the wall of pain. Now the rest is just enjoyment. Don’t you just hate getting songs stuck in your head?? 😬 How about the song that never ends?? Ha ha, Bwhahahaha love you 😘

  3. Cute – hahaha!

  4. Robbi,
    What is the treatment for blisters when you are walking everyday. We used to just cut moleskin around
    them and let them burst on their own? Happy Walking!!!

    1. I had moleskin but no scissors and 3 hours to go…

  5. Beautiful!!! The picture of the pig is my favorite so far!! 😂 Not just because piggy is cute, but I love the background!

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