Puerta del Sol

“Gateway of the Sun” .  My Madrid casa is located in this district and “has been the heart of the city since the 15th century” (Fodor’s guide book).  Madrid is the capital of Spain and there are commemorative statues everywhere,  including high atop buildings which alas, is not the best camera angle for this amateur photographer… I understand that there will be many more in the Plaza Mayor, nearby.   My family and friends back home are snuggling into bed and I’m preparing to hoof it over to the museum district for much of my day!  God is good!!  I can already smell the beautiful aroma of olive oil!  Seriously, I can!!!!


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  1. Janet Adele Nicholas says:

    Let this adventure begin! This is beautiful! I’m so happy to have had some delightful training walks with you! Love, prayers and blessing on your epic pilgrimage. Beun Camino Janet

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    1. robbidenman says:

      Live and prayers for you, Dear Camino buddy and sister in Christ! I hope that your ankle is better! I was surprised and pained to get blisters but think yesterday was a turn for the better! Looking forward to enjoying again! It was very emotional to be walking on Goid Friday – imagining Christ’s last datd…


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