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September 5, 2019

It has been a while! I suppose taking a break from sharing is a real part of one’s personal “Camino”… And even though I’m pretty sure that most of my peeps are not interested in my retirement gallivanting about, I thought I’d post another blog about what I’ve been up to this summer.

I continue to Love the walkability of my hometown, “K-Town”, Kirkland. I try to get in at least four miles each day and have a variety of routes to choose from. My options include designated walking trails through forests and away from vehicle traffic, like the Cross Kirkland Connector (CKC) and Bridal Trails. I like to stroll along Lake Washington observing families, pets, sunbathers, the myriad of water activities, fish jumping, birds (including eagles and osprey) soaring and snatching snacks from the water – and once I even saw a beaver paddling its way under docks and along the shore! I meander my way upon residential streets – house and yard gawking, enjoying the myriad of architecture and landscaping and the oh-so-beautiful colors and fragrances of everything in bloom!! There are several local farmer’s markets to swing by, scheduled such that I can hit a different one within walking distance pretty much any day of the week! I also motivate myself to walk to doctor appointments, the grocery store and to the library.

I love that the 326-acre Saint Edwards Park, with its 3,000 feet of Lake Washington shoreline, is only 5 miles away. I have walked there before, but since I generally spend a couple hours walking within the park confines, I usually drive there. “Set on the eastern shore of Lake Washington, surrounded by low forest and lawns, Saint Edward’s Seminary is not hard to picture as it was in the 1930s, with hundreds of students in residence.  These days, Saint Edward State Park bursts with modern life. Kids enjoy unstructured fun on the grass fields and playground equipment, kayakers cruise Lake Washington and hikers and mountain bikers take to the trails.  Amidst the sprawling grounds, lapping lakeshore and verdant footpaths, you’ll find a place steeped in Northwest history. The large brick building was the first successful Catholic seminary in the Pacific Northwest and the first accredited Catholic seminary university in the United States. Envisioned and financed by Seattle’s first bishop, Edward O’Dea, and designed by famed architect John Graham, the remarkable edifice was constructed in 1931 and served students until 1976.” (parks.state.wa.us) img_3700

I mostly amble along on my own yet it’s always a pleasure to join up with my walking buddies, Susan, Alex, Janet and/or Connie!

Walking need not always be the focus – I had a blast with Katie driftwood hunting at Mukilteo Beach in July and blueberry picking at Bybee Farms at the base of 4,167 foot Mt. Si in August!

My current fun is consuming a lot of my mornings and I am loving every minute of it! Last month I joined “Women’s Outdoor Summer/Fall Trek Training” with Sheri Goodwin which ensued August 13th and finishes up December 19th. Tuesdays and Thursdays we meet in the morning at lower Woodland Park near the Woodland Park Zoo and Green Lake for extensive ninety minute workouts involving large muscle group exercises, hills and intervals. Wednesdays we meet for a 90 minute hike in various local parks – to date St. Edwards, Carkeek Park in Greenwood, Yost Park in Edmonds and Ravenna/Cowen Park near the University of Washington. And then on four different Fridays as well as four different Sundays we meet up for three hour plus hikes in a variety of places. Last month it was Cedar Butte Trail and tomorrow will be Twin Falls and the John Wayne Trails – each off the I 90 Corridor near North Bend.

Sheri is Amazing!!! She is a certified Personal Trainer with a Bachelors Degree in Physical Education including an endorsement in Health, a Masters in Education and several specific therapy technique certifications. She has trekked in Ireland, Nepal, Scotland, Patagonia, Iceland, the Dolomites of Italy, up Mt. Kilimanjaro and into Machu Picchu as well as along the Camino de Santiago de Compostela (Frances, Lapuy, Norté routes), The Way of St. Francis from Assisi to Rome, Italy, Hadrian’s Wall and the Antonine Wall!!!!! She it’s not only inspirational, she’s knowledgeable and motivating!

img_4337Ahhh – It has been a great summer! I feel it slipping away though, as the smell of September is in the air. img_3583

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