Viva Valencia!!

September 21, 2018

Today we basically went back to yesterday’s discoveries – and made our way INSIDE!!

We had breakfast at a the Central Bar in the Mercado Central and oohed and awed at the stands upon lovely, fresh stands of amazing produce, fish, meats, wine, candies, etc!!

We went into the Valencia Catedral!! The churches in Spain are so phenomenal, obvious in their expressed love and Glory to God, over the top ornate and just flat out Amazing!!! And the Holy Grail is there!!!

We popped into the Inglesia Parroquial de St Martin, also incredibly beautiful and walked around the historic Museo de Nationál de Ceramica with it’s extremely detailed carved columns and reliefs.

We had a lunch reservation at Restaurantè Navarro for seafood paella and could barely amble after we ate it all. Along the way we wandered into the circular Plaça Redon.

I have to say that the highlight however, was a comedy/detective musical play that was hilarious- even though it was all in Spanish!! “Crimen Y Telón” – Google it!! Amazing talent!! The actors were often in the aisles and one picked at Bill’s program with his sword – who was of course quaking in his boots at at the thought of “no comprende” non voluntary crowd participation! img_8278

Tomorrow we hit the beaches!

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