Goodbye Santiago de Compostela, Hello A Coruña

September 16, 2018

It was a difficult decision, yet I left my walking shoes in our pension upon checkout this morning… Such a dichotomy –  I feel considerably “full”, yet very “empty” – too many tourists in Compostela and so many peregrinos that I do not know – at least not personally… yet honestly, another paradox, I do feel like I know ALL pilgrims on many levels…

At any rate,  I couldn’t wait to get out of town!!! I did get a chance to see Teddy and Giovanni- and I spotted “Colorado” a few times out and about. There were some folks I had hoped to see, but alas, it was not to be…

We had a delicious breakfast of huevos fritos y bacon at Tertulia and then walked a mile plus to the train estatión. By noon we were in A Coruña and spent our afternoon walking about, enjoying a Sunday family vibe. The marina AND beach were inviting and intoxicating!!! We packed a lot into our hours here and were happy to call it a day by American standards at 9:00!!?!

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