One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight! We-Are – A Little Bit CRAZY!

August 25, 2018.

That’s a little ditty that my sister, Becky and friend, Dixie (and assorted other Campfire Girls) used to sing when we were in primary school and probably even into junior high, being silly! We would link our arms together, take long strides to the beat as we counted to eight, and then kick one leg out on, “we”, the other leg out on “are” stop and bend over at the waist for, “a little bit” and jump into the air on “crazy”! And then repeat, repeat, repeat as we made our way down a neighborhood street! I wish that I would have thought and remembered for us to do that on “our” Camino. I wish that I I would have laughed a little more with Dixie and dispensed a little more joy her way. I’m so damn serious!!! And I now in retrospect, I suspect that I really put a damper on “her” Camino. Yet Dixie knows how to create joy – and I heard her laugh often with other pilgrims. I know she made some good connections and had an amazing experience – in spite of my seriousness.

It’s official though. After separating a few days ago and planning to meet in Burgos so we could each go our own pace a bit, Dixie has decided that her knee is not going to get better and also things at the office are calling her name, and thus she has concluded to fly home on Tuesday. We had planned to meet in Burgos on Friday but I got there on Thursday and then she didn’t think she would arrive until Saturday. She urged me to go on, which I did, and as of last night I was twenty miles ahead of her. So getting her message this morning as I set out was bittersweet. I had hoped that she might consider bussing ahead to the hundred kilometer mark in Sarria to rest a few days and then continue by taking her time to complete the last hundred K making her eligible for credentials. But unfortunately, her assistant back at the office was feeling overwhelmed. Dixie is a very professional businesswoman with integrity and so it makes sense that that this is the decision she chooses to make.

Walking for hours on end may sound easy – having only the needs of yourself to worry about and not being hampered by domestic or employment concerns. But it takes a toll in a number of ways, varying for each pilgrim and accomplishments are different for each peregrino as well. img_6861

Now I am truly on my own. I will pray for Dixie’s swift recovery every day and make the most of my third opportunity for a Camino!

It is also official that today is day 16 of my trek and that puts me into new territory as both other Caminos that I walked were 15 day ventures. Yesterday I was feeling some accumulated tiredness. Today I awoke with high spirits, got out the door by 630, and tackled the morning and a grueling hill, both up and down by 9:15. The wind was blowing quite a bit, but it serves to refresh one who is in the huffing and puffing mode!

Walking through the quaint and historical town of Castrojeriz was lovely at such an early hour, and the views were astounding! And once at the High Point of mega hill, Alto de Mostelares, the vistas were astounding times 100! Amazing, amazing, amazing!

And then another three hours straight of walking, walking, walking through the wheat fields, “The Meseta”. img_6866

My albergue for the night in Boadilla del Camino and is an oasis with gorgeous grounds and a pool! The walk of 28.5 kilometers (17.7 miles) was well rewarded!! YabbaDabbaDoo!!

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  1. I’m sorry to here that Dixie had to end her quest early. Still an amazing experience that not many people get to have & memories for a lifetime.

    1. I am sad about it too. I kind of wish she would’ve traveled to the last section so she could’ve at least finished at the Cathedral. But she’s a dedicated business woman and her work was calling her! Thanks for following along on my journey! My writing isn’t so exciting this time-I think I’m carrying along a cumulative tiredness.

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