April 21, 2018

it seemed strange to hear a rooster in the city environment that we are in, yet we had a loud one outside our bedroom window early, early this morning. Between that and the lovely song birds, it was a superb way to wake up and know that my entire day was free – well, free of miles of walking anyway!!

Being one of the first up, I had a nice long shower and enjoyed a leisurely couple of hours in the living room, munching on some cheese and almonds and relishing two cafe’ con leches.

Then it was on to the Pilgrim’s Mass at the “Catedral”. They don’t allow picture taking inside, and trying to capture the Magnificance and Grandeur is almost impossible for this amateur photographer with an iPhone anyway. I did have time to pray over St. James’ bones and join my group in the pews.

It was a lengthy hour plus of understanding very few words though I do I think I heard “pilgrim” a couple of times…

The priest waved a small incense burner around often but unfortunately, the very large butafunio was not put into play today. The singing and organ playing were glorious and I let my prayers join in with the incense that is pleasing to the Lord.

Next task of the day, get in line at the Plgrims Office for our Compostela and certificate of completion. Fortunately, there were only about five people ahead of us. Within ten minutes, there were probably sixty people behind us!!! I should have taken a picture of my certificate to post here, but I have already packed my compostela into my backpack! It is just as special to me this year as it was last year, but I guess taking a photo of it just didn’t jump into my mind this time…

That’s because, my mind was clouded with dreams of getting barnacles in the open air market! Since we had sandwiches last night, have a group gathering tonight, and I leave before noon tomorrow, I knew that lunch today was my only opportunity to re-create that experience of last year. Truly, sincerely, and honestly – I have been dreaming about those barnacles all year long!! They are unlike the white, small barnacles of the Pacific Northwest. They are more like crab legs, iridescent colors of green – similar to an abalone shell. One must twist the sections to get the meat out. OMG!!! Like Oysters, they taste like the ocean smells. This time did not disappoint at all and I was in heaven having the chance to experience them again – along with some alberiño wine!!


I came back to Roots and Boots early afternoon to enjoy some solitude and to focus on my next phase – of exploring more of Spain (and Portugal)!! Tomorrow I take a train and spend a night in A Coroña, Spain – a harbor town. Life is so full of adventures!!!

7 responses to “Barnacles!!!!!”

  1. Well done, Robbi!

  2. Gracias, Debi!! You and Byron have a wonderful trip!!!

  3. Congratulations on your amazing accomplishment…. again! We have glorious sunshine here today in your honor. Enjoy the rest of your exploration.

  4. Love your pictures and Barnacles sound amazing!! Congratulations on your accomplishment🍷🍷❤️❤️

  5. They are much like crab legs to eat, messy and slot of work – but I’m telling you – YUM!!! Thanks for following me and for your support!

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